Intellectual Property & Ethics, University of Gothenburg

Context and training description

The academy organized by the University of Gothenburg aims at conveying to participants the importance of intellectual property rights from both an ethical and a practical standpoint, especially as they apply to health sciences. Particular attention is given to analysing the norms and laws that govern the utilization of academic research in entrepreneurial ventures.


This training is dedicated to researchers willing to experience the challenges related to the integration of research and utilization processes through an intense accelerated academy.


The e-training does not have an obligatory schedule that the participants have to follow. Users can come back and benefit from the training course anytime without limitations.

Pre- requisites:

  • Basic computer skills (Internet browser, flash viewer, video viewer online)
  • Basic information literacy skills (being able to search on the Internet and access/use some ICT applications)

Learning outcomes

After the course, the participants will be able to:

  • Understand the importance of utilization for research in general and for the individual researcher
  • Identify, capture, and assess intellectual assets in research projects
  • Understand what can be utilized in term of knowledge and generated through the research process
  • Understand the various ways to utilize research and consequences of different choices
  • Evaluate potential options of value creation from research projects


Self-assessment method

There is no certificate provided to the participants after finishing the e-learning course.

Further information will be available soon!

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