Entrepreneurship and Business Planning, SKEMA Business School, France

Entrepreneurship is the art of recognition and exploitation of opportunities. Transforming opportunities into entrepreneurial ventures requires that individuals not only possess knowledge, but that they also have the cognitive abilities that allow them to formulate, value and exploit that knowledge.

This training will take participants through the process of formulating the framework of the entrepreneurial venture, from innovative idea creation to early start-up activities and acquisition of the first clients for a new business. Central to this process is the iterative creation and fine-tuning of a business plan, and understanding the uses of the business plan for management of key activities and for attracting outside investors.


This training is dedicated to entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and individuals supporting and coaching entrepreneurial projects willing to experience the entrepreneur's mindset and toolkit through an intense accelerated academy.


The e-training does not have an obligatory schedule that the participants have to follow. Users can come back and benefit from the training course anytime without limitations.

Pre- requisites:

  • Basic computer skills (Internet browser, flash viewer, video viewer online)
  • Basic information literacy skills (being able to search on the Internet and access/use some ICT applications)

Learning outcomes

After the training, the participants will be able to:

  • Use the basic principles of the ISMA360®,a methodology used in analyzing the market potential of innovations
  • Understand the combination of skills required to launch a new venture
  • Relate the importance of innovation in business models to creating value for the client and to the ultimate success of the business
  • Develop and formulate a synthesized business plan for a new enterprise
  • Be able to Pitch in front of peers, investors and stakeholders to provide a clear, short, and valuable understanding of their innovation.


Self-assessment method

There is no certificate provided to the participants after finishing the e-learning course.

Further information will be available soon!

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