Healt-2-Market e-training course

The Health-2-Market e-training complements traditional teaching methods to offer an interactive learning environment for a larger audience.

Target group:

Researchers in the health, life science field interested to start their own business as well as all other people involved in life science research (e.g. technology transfer officers, incubators staff, etc.)

Required background:

No prior knowledge is required

Basic computer skills (Internet browser, flash viewer, video viewer online)

Basic information literacy skills (being able to search on the Internet and access/use som basic ICT applications)

Open modules:

  • Entrepreneurship and Business Planning
    • Building the scope of the project
    • Designing the Business Model of the project
    • Structuring the Business Plan
    • Financial forecasts and completed pitched Business plan
  • Business Ventures & Marketing
    • Creativity & Commercializing Technology
    • Understanding Marketing Dynamics & What is YOUR Market?
    • Integrated Marketing Tactics
    • Integrated Marketing Strategy


The modules are available free of charge after registration to everyone since September 2013.

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